Caffe Mocha

A Chocolate beverage enriched with the goodness of Cocoa can be heavenly great for the people with a thirst of chocolate. Coco High is a premium melted chocolate beverage having the richest chocolate flavour which would be a satisfying outcome for chocolate lovers.

Coco High has its roots embedded in the city of Surat, which itself is a city for foodies. So considering the judgement of food lovers at Surat, Coco High is made with great quality blended cocoa straight from its origins in Africa. This chocolate drink would be localised to began its revolutionary journey and is envision on great heights of global markets in the near future.

Coco High is made with the combination of blended cocoa and the sweetness defining Indian Taste. It is a fusion of simplicity with perfection. Currently, our product Swiss Chocolate is making its mark at the market, and we are coming with new exciting flavours in the near future.


Product Name Caffe Mocha
Type Premium Melted Chocolate Drink
Form Liquid
Grade Food Grade
Appearance Dark Brown
Packaging 24 Pieces/Carton
MOQ 2400 Pieces
Shelf Life 9 Months
 Certificates FSSAI, USFDA Registered
Country Of Origin India