Hip U Drape

TOUCHSAFE has developed this drape after feedback from surgeons. It offers many advantages: Structured construction of this drape provides:
Level 4 protection as per ANSI / AAMI Standards. No fluid can pass through the drape in operating area. Minimum transfer of fabric fibers into the wound. No chemicals present in the fabric of the drape.

For all kind of surgery in hip area including hip replacement.

Material:- 68-77 GSM Spun lace fabric water repellent.


  1. HIP-U- DRAPE (SIZE – 320 cm X 220 cm)
  2. SCREEN COVER (SIZE – 160 cm X 200 cm)
  3. POUCH (SIZE – 30 cm X 30 cm)

OEM:- Service available
Certificates:- CE, ISO 9001: 2015, GMP