Waste Carry Bag

Waste carry bags are a convenient and sanitary way of handling garbage and are widely used. Waste carry bags are fairly lightweight and are particularly useful for messy or wet rubbish, as is commonly the case with food waste, and are also useful for medical wastes. Waste carry bags are often used for lining litter or waste containers or bins. This serves to keep the container sanitary by avoiding container contact with the garbage. After the bag in the container is filled with litter, the bag can be pulled out by its edges, closed, and tied with minimal contact with the waste matter.

Material:- LDPE
Size:- Customized
Thickness:- 62.5 micron
Color:- Yellow, Black, Red, Blue
Printing:- can be printed up to10 customer’s requirement.


  • Good quality, best price.
  • As per GWP (Global Warming Potential).
  • Compared to paper bag.
  • Does not create methane in anaerobe landfills.
  • 170 times better than cotton bag.
  • 5 times better than a paper bag.
  • 4 times better than a “bag for life”.
  • 8 times lighter.
  • Needs 5 times less transportation energy.
  • Needs 30 up to times less energy to be produced.
  • Needs 30 times less water to be produced.
  • Recyclable


  • Suitable for medical or health project, supermarkets, home, hotels, and stores use.
  • Segregation (Keeping apart) in Color coded bags

Black bag: Needles without syringes, blades, sharps & all metal articles.
Blue bag: All types of glass bottles & broken glass articles, out dated and discarded.
Red bag: Plastic waste such as catheters, injections, syringes, tubing, IV bottles.
Yellow bag: Infections waste bandage, s. gauzes, cotton or any other thongs in contact with.

Packing: 50 Kg

OEM: Customers designs and logos are welcome (service charge is applied) medicines.

Certificates: CE, ISO 9001: 2015, GMP